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Measurable Results

Integrate financial and operational measures for a one-stop view of business results.

Set measurable targets at all levels of the organization that are in strategic alignment.

Strategic Alignment and Focus

Keep strategy alive and in front of management and staff on a day-to-day basis.

Ensure that projects and initiatives have a clear strategic purpose.

Achieve strategic alignment across business units reducing duplication of effort.

Set priorities among competing initiatives based on corporate strategy.

Enterprise Planning and Execution Capabilities

Solidify planning vocabulary improving communication and management efficiency.

Publish best practices and tools for Analyzing, Planning, Executing and Monitoring Plans.

Accountability and Results

Establish clear priorities and make sure that what is important is what gets done.

Keep track of exactly what’s been done, what has yet to be done, and what is going to get done.


Quickly assess the impact of external changes on existing plans.

Align the organization to take advantage of new opportunities, threats and changing regulations.

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